Wantok Wifi+ takes the pain out of the end-user’s Wifi experience by eliminating repetitive log-ins, optimally installing Wifi access points and de-congesting bandwidth at peak hours, together with implementation of telecom-grade policy controls. This makes it possible to improve end-user experience without increasing operator bandwidth charges.

By partnering with a world leader in Wifi network management platforms, we are able to offer next-generation service levels to hotels and resorts. Security and protection of information are concerns for all of us, and we address them head-on as advocates for the final users. In addition, Wantok Wifi+ is a partner of local operators giving us discounted local and international connectivity.

Wantok Wifi+ also provides temporary Wifi services for special events, whether at a hotel or elsewhere.

Ready to take your WiFi network to the next level? Wantok Wifi+ is ready to work with you.